State's Attorney's 英雄联盟下注平台

Physical Address:

832 Main St.
Carrington, ND 58421


(701) 652-1270

The Foster 英雄联盟联盟 State's Attorney is an elected position with a four year term. The current Foster 英雄联盟联盟 State's Attorney is Kara Brinster.

The State's Attorney performs the following duties:

  • Prosecution of felony and misdemeanor crimes in Foster 英雄联盟联盟
  • Represents petitioners in mental health commitments
  • Assisting people with enforcement of child support
  • Provides legal service to county departments
  • Administration and policy function of the State’s Attorney office
  • Do and perform all acts not enumerated in this section which the state's attorney is required to do by law (see Chapter 11-16: State's Attorney.)


Kara Brinster
State's Attorney
(701) 652-1270

Amanda Lee
Legal Secretary
(701) 652-1270


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