District 英雄联盟下注平台

Physical Address:
1000 5th St N
Carrington, ND 58421

Mailing Address:
PO Box 257
Carrington, ND 58241

Phone: (701) 652-1001

Fax: (701) 652-1075

The Foster 英雄联盟联盟 Clerk of District 英雄联盟下注平台 is an appointed official. The current Foster 英雄联盟联盟 Clerk of District 英雄联盟下注平台 is Danielle Koepplin. 

The Clerk of 英雄联盟下注平台 performs the following duties:

  • Acts as custodian of books, papers and records filed in that office
  • Attends each session of District 英雄联盟下注平台
  • Keeps records of orders & judgments of the court
  • Draws names of jurors, keeps records of jurors and witnesses for trials
  • Schedule of court hearings
  • Maintains exhibits presented in court
  • Monitors all restitution, fines, costs and fees owed by defendants
  • Provides birth certificate applications & death certificate applications

Danielle Koepplin
Clerk of 英雄联盟下注平台
(701) 652-1001

Patty Zink
Deputy Clerk of 英雄联盟下注平台
(701) 652-1001


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